Travis Kauffman:Artur Szpilka is my friend, but this is business. I would fight with Artur Szpilka

We invite you to familiar with the conversation, which gave us Travis Kauffman (30-1, 22KO). American heavyweight talks among other things, the fight against Arreola, Artur Szpilka, Tomasz Adamek and on his boxing goals.

WokółRingu: The last time I fought on December 12 last year in San Antonio. Then you fought a very good fight with Arreola. Finally, after the judges quite controversially they pointed out as the winner Arreola. Then the fight was as nieodbytą.Ta fight with Chris Arreola was probably your best in his career. Would you agree with me? According to many fans and experts that you were better in this fight

Travis Kauffman: Yes the fight with Arreola I felt I won 115-112 and everyone else across the world thought I won.

WokółRingu: When the retry see you in the ring? You already know something about this when I’ll fight again? Perhaps you already know something about a possible rival?

Travis Kauffman: We are looking to be back in the ring August 9th we are hoping… I have been in training camp for 3 weeks.

WokółRingu: We know that not quite accept that Wilder in the next defense of the belt world champion WBC heavyweight will face just from your ex-rival and thus Arreola. Do you think that for Deontaya be an easy fight? As you say that you should get this chance from the camp Widler


Travis Kauffman: I don’t think I deserve a fight with Wilder yet however I also do not believe Chris earned the fight with Deontay. I think it’s going to be a great fight, I am hoping Arreola wins.

WokółRingu: The owlish professional career so far lost only once. In 2009, you lost ahead of time with Tony Grano. It hurts still the failure of Grano? You did not think to avenge ago boxer, during those failure?

Travis Kauffman: Yes I always wanted to avenge my loss but Tony Grano never wanted to fight me again. However that is now behind me.

WokółRingu: Do you have some experience, that some fighters in the heavyweight avoid fight with you? Because probably you feel that way. Recently you wanted to fight with Martin, when he was still the IBF championship belt. There was even an utterance from the camp Martin?

Travis Kauffman:  Fuck Charles Martin… excuse my language but he was a paper champion and quit against Anthony Joshua… No real fighter ever quits… You must be willing to die in that ring.

WokółRingu:  What can you tell us about our Arthur pin with which it had a chance to train together in Plex Gym. What can you say about his last fight with Wilder? You paired with Arthur before? Do you think he has a chance to become world champion in the heavyweight division?


Travis Kauffman:I am friends with Artur Szpilka and I had him winning against Deontay Wilder until he got knocked out… I wish Artur the best but we are both in the heavyweight division so I’m sure we will meet 1 day soon…

WokółRingu: As to the importance of hard’re still a young fighter. You have a very good record. Recently signed a contract with Al Haymon. I think now here comes your time in the heavyweight division. Along with the promoters will now aim for the big fights, fights for the world championship?

Travis Kauffman: A lot of people do not know but I was with AL Haymon in 2008then after my loss in 2009 we parted ways. However I couldn’t ask for a better manager and a better team… We are looking to fight for a world title in 2017

WokółRingu: You can tell how successful you during amateur career? You fought with some of today’s well-known pros?

Travis Kauffman: Yes I had an outstanding amateur career and my record was 52-12 and I was #1 in USA before turning pro. I have fought a lot of good pros

WokółRingu: Here in Poland we have several exciting boxers in the heavyweight division. Players who signed with Haymon, among others, Arthur Pin, Andrzej Wawrzyk or Adam Kownacki. Would you like can combat with some of our boxers? If so, who would you like to face?


Travis Kauffman: I will fight anyone… Any time any day.

WokółRingu: As if you had to point one fight, which gave you the most so far in professional boxing is former would fight whom?

Travis Kauffman: My fight with Arreola taught me a lot that I can no longer leave it up to judges.

WokółRingu: Travis tell us who is your boxing idol and why do you like it has just a boxer?

Travis Kauffman: Muhammad Ali was my Idol because he stood up for what he believed

WokółRingu: In addition to this, that you’re a boxer you are also an expert / commentator on television. You observe many players in the divine. More recently he wowed you a polka boxer?


Travis Kauffman :Mainly Tomasz Adamek.. to me he was the biggest Polish name fighter and very talented to fight at light heavy. Cruiserweight, then Heavyweight


WokółRingu: At one time reportedly wanted to fight with Tomasz Adamek. It is true?

Travis Kauffman: I have sparred with Tomasz and he was a great champion… yes I would have loved to fight him… As I said earlier I will fight anyone

WokółRingu: ou paired his time with Tomasz Adamek. What can you say about what is a boxer and the man Adamek? These sparring with Thomas was a good lesson for you?

Travis Kauffman: Yes as I said before Tomasz was a great fighter with fast hands and decent power. Everytime was a great lesson.

WokółRingu: I have already mentioned that you wanted to fight with Martin for the championship belt IBF heavyweight. However, this fight does not come to fruition. Martin went to fight with Joshua, and there he lost the belt. Whether you would be able to take the risk and go on a dangerous mission to England to pick up the IBF belt of the United States, which lost Martin?


Travis Kauffman:  I think Joshua is a strong fighter but he will get demolished by a guy like me because I am to versatile with too many tricks

WokółRingu: Travis Thank you for the interview. Would you like to maybe give something your fans?

Travis Kauffman: Yes I want to thank all of my fans and supporters and I love the Poland people… My great grandfather was from Poland so I would love to visit… please follow me on my fan site ( )





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