Biography: Francisco „The Wizard” Palacios

Francisco Palacios was born on May 25, 1977 in New York. „Magician” began his career in 2000. In amateur boxing Francisco fought 70 fights. While amateur career Francisco fought among other things, at the 2001 World Championships in Belfast. Francisco since the beginning of the show, it suited to his almost boksu.W first major tournament in which he participated „The Wizard” came up to the final and eventually won it. In fact, the first dream Francisco was to play professional basketball. Unfortunately he prevented him from the ankle injury. In 2001, „The Wizard” was heavyweight champion of South Florida, and won the Golden Gloves and was a semifinalist Championship USA.We during amateur career Francisco defeated, among others Chazz Witherspoon  or later Olympian Devin Vargas. Francisco dreamed of performance at the Olympics in 2004, but unfortunately, as he said he was not to be. Palacios decided to turn pro in 2004, that is after only a four-year period amateur. Boxer made his debut on the professional ring precisely on March 19 the same year. „The Wizard” knocked out in the first challenge in Florida also debut then Corey Surrency. The main attraction of that gala was a duel for the title of WBA Fedecentro in the featherweight category, which faced Jorge Solis and Orlando Soto. In 2004, Francisco Palacios fought five more wins fights. In 2004, Francisco passed his first major test of Professional rings for which we can certainly be considered to win on points after four rounds of Cliff Nellon-former rival among other things, world champion WBA, WBO and IBF O’Neil Bell. In 2005, Palacios was less active, since only two fought a victorious battle. 2006 was a kind of unique to Francisco, because that’s when he fought his first fight in professional boxing in Puerto Rico. Palacios defeated 11 November 2006 annually by TKO in round 3 of Santos Villanuev. A watershed year in the career of „The Wizard” 2007 was a boxer who was born in New York, then fought three victorious battle. The most valuable victory was undoubtedly a sustained 8 August. Undefeated the prospectus junior heavy unexpectedly defeated by TKO in the sixth round Louis Azille. Azille then was one of the top junior heavyweight category and quite rightly so, because this boxer was at that time behind already very good performances and wins over good opponents, and among other things, lost the fight for the WBC world championship with an undefeated then Wayne Braithwaite. The first one ended in defeat by TKO in the third round in 2001, while roku. Second in 2004 and ended with a unanimous points defeat to Azzille 107-120,107-118 and 108-119 after twelve-round bouts fight. Louis after that fight was nearly a three-year break and decided to return to the ring in 2007, beating unanimously on points reliable Michael Simms’a. Six months later, there was a fight Palacios. Francisco took this fight only five days. Palacios said that he did so because he was sure his skills in the ring already ringowych. I’ve been in the ring with boxers such as Shannon Briggs, David Haye, O’Neil Bell, Jean-Marc Mormeck, Eliseo Castillo and Daniel Santos.Nie afraid of anyone . That’s what my brother taught me. Unfortunately, in 2004, Francisco’s brother died and it was a huge blow to the Palaciosa. Fight with Azzille took place as has been mentioned in the text of the August 8, 2007 in the USA in Florida. Francisco then defeated Azzile by TKO in the sixth round match, which was contracted for eight clashes. After this fight Azzile was no longer the same player, and after two consecutive defeats finally decided to end his career in 2008. After the victory, that same attention to Palacios turned legendary promoter Don King, who ultimately signed a contract in August 2007 roku. In his 13 professional duel „Wizard” made its debut in Europe, winning a duel with .Andrey Zaitsev. In 2008, Palacios won with three wins, two of which were very valuable. We are talking about winning on points in an eight-round bouts fight against an experienced Zack Page and the win over former rival Tomasz Adamek Luis Andres Pineda. After a fight with Page Francisco had to face on 13 June 2008 in the championship fight with Ola Afolabi(12-1-3, 5 KOs) in London . Unfortunately one move did not come to fruition because Afolabi two weeks before the fight injured oka.Fight of Pineda took place in his native Panama Pineda. The rate of the battle, which took place on September 18, 2008 was the WBA belt Fedelatin in cruiserweight. The favorite of the local audience was Luis, but Palacios fell in this fight great. He was on the boards of Pineda in the first round and in the second challenge the judge has effectively stopped move. After this victory Francisco defended for the first time his title 14 February 2009, without giving any chance of a very robust Chapman’owi Lawrence, who died in the first round. In the same year, Palacios fought two more wins fights.Siódmego November 2009 Francisco Palacios had a chance fight in Germany at a gala during which their struggle waged also include: Kubrat Puleva, George Groves, Edmund Gerber, Siarhei Liakhovich, Robert Helenius, John Ruiz and David Haye, who defeated that night in the championship fight WBA world heavyweight Nikolay Valuev. Interestingly Palacios fight in which he beat ahead of time if DeLeon Tinsley was the third since the end of the struggle of that evening gala. Palacios had the opportunity to present themselves in the ring fighting against John Ruiz, who faced then with Adnan Serin and before that already fight for the WBA world championship heavyweight, where he lost to Valuev on points with Hayem. In 2010, Francisco fought alone but fight. October 2 defeated early in the second round by KO Donnell Wiggins. This year Francisco also debuted at a very high position in the world rankings. WBO Federation placed the „Wizard” in the July quotation on the 14th position. In December federation IBF Francisco classified in 7th place in its ranking. After the many successes Palacios was spotted by promoters reigning world champion federation WBC junior heavyweight Krzysztof „Diablo” Wlodarczyk. Francisco was placed in the top fifteen ranked WBC, the consequence of which was contracted to deal with „Diablo”. The duel took place on April 2, 2011 in Bydgoszcz. Unfortunately, after twelve rounds the judges points ratio of 115: 113 and 112: 118 and 113: 116 in favor of the then champion. The verdict of this struggle was widely in the world side and was considered quite controversial. Palacios frequently asked blows, and in an interview after the fight he declared himself the winner of that match. The result of the fight and the way of judging were considered controversial and was widely commented in the portals by boxing insiders of the sport. Many fans and experts admitted that it was Francisco Palacios won that duel minimum of points. The obvious answer to these opinions were contracted rematch between boxers. In the meantime, „The Wizard” fought in the US victorious over eight rounds against Joell’em Godfrey. Second leg duel took place on 22 September 2012 at the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw. In return Palacios lost unanimously on points 116-112, 117-112 and 116-113 with Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. This time the battle was concluded that the verdict was a rematch against .sprawiedliwy. Beyond the defeat of Francisco Palacios had a two-year break in karierze.Jednak with these two struggle with „Diablo” Francisco became seriously respected person in boxing dawn. After these two especially first fight with „Diabo” and thanks to its behavior before fights and their aftermath fans in Poland very liked „The Wizard”. Francisco always interviewed spoke respectfully about Poland and about the fans in this country so that opened up the respect of the Poles and not tylko.Po rematch with Wlodarczyk Palacios signed a contract to fight for the interim WBA world championship from BJ FOLRES. The fight was to be held on May 11 in the US. But never this fight is not held. Francisco does not know why. He wanted this fight because BJ Flores beat him once on amatorstwie and „Wizard” wanted him to return the favor for those failure. The ring Francico „The Wizard” Palacios eventually returned September 20, 2014 in the USA. Palacios then defeated on points after eight-round duel experienced Epifanio Mendoza.2015 year was not the best in his career Francisco, despite the fact that he won during the ceremony in the Dominican Republic by KO in the first round of Sandy Soto same year, also lost in Russia in the battle for the WBA International title in the junior category of the heavy pounding mightily and then Kudryashov undefeated in the first round. After this fight, Palacios admitted the mistake zawalczył not as it should, and quickly lost ahead of time essentially without a fight. The situation before the fight is also not conducive to Palacios, who in the locker room have to warm up basically without a coach who helped this evening, among others, another boxer Manuel Charr. Less than a year later, exactly 2 April 2016 in Krakow Francisco faced with another player from the Polish Michal Cieslak. Francisco again lost. The referee stopped the fight in the fourth round. After the match, Francisco ruled that the judge made a mistake when interrupting the fight. Beyond the defeat of Francisco he decided to end his rich career. „The Wizard” is currently leading his gym in the US, where he trains with others. In summary Francisco Palacios fought for 16 years lat.Cztery competed in amateur boxing. In contrast, 12 years lasted his career, during which won 23 victories, 14 of which ended prematurely. Francisco lost only four times out of which doubled ahead of time.



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