Francisco Palacios for WokółRingu: I got something to prove to myself

We invite you to read the conversation, which gives us Francisco Palacios (23-4, 14KO). Francisco is not going to have to end with boxing and hopes for the next fight.

WokółRingu: Francisco as far as is possible your return to the ring? Recently, his official profile on Facebook wrote that you can not stop thinking about boxing that you train hard and you explore some fight.

Francisco Palacios: No date yet… Yes I dream of fighting every night and when I made the decision I was not thinking correct

WokółRingu: If you go back to the ring it again in the cruiser category and you try to go down to light heavyweight? Sam you mentioned that your loved ones and your mother specifically said that if you want to continue to fight you should go down to light heavyweight.

Francisco Palacios: I wld love to go dwn to light heavy but I will start with the cruiserweight I got something to prove to myself and I will do it my way the way I got to be mandatory challenger for 2yrs and 8months

WokółRingu: You watched his last fight on PBN with Michael Cieslak? How do you assess his attitude in the ring that day? We know that it does away disagree with the judge’s decision. According to you, he broke those fight too quickly. You could then do more in the ring and fought according to the coach’s tactics?


Francisco Palacios: Yea I followed the game plan but he over powered me by alot and yea I wld have done something different it was too soon

WokółRingu: Do you ever receive any suggestions / requests fighting another battle after losing a duel with Cieslak?

Francisco Palacios: No

WokółRingu: What about your possible return to the ring in mind your loved ones? Support your decision or not necessarily?


Francisco Palacios: Well I told them that i cant live in peace cause they was taking away my passion so im gonna do what makes me satisfied

WokółRingu: If you get it back you would like to fight a battle with less demanding opponent or would prefer to deal with someone respected? If you get it in the US? If the proposal appeared to be some fighting in Poland it took you to her in the future?

Francisco Palacios: I wouldn’t mind taking a fee fights to gain momentum but if money is good and what I want for fight well yea i fight anyone… Anywhere… God willing

WokółRingu: You said it yourself sometime after the battle of Kudriaszow, then when you announced the end of a career that at first did not want to even think about boxing, but it is stronger than you, because it really was passing them more time the more you think about boxing. You mentioned that your loved ones have said that it is normal for a former champion or fighter, who was very close to winning the title. It was the same after a fight with Cieslak?

Francisco Palacios: He is a good fighter but he didnt beat me cause he was better he beat me cause he was bigger n stronger

WokółRingu: To your return once again preparing to you Chill Wilson? Did you talk with him about this?


Francisco Palacios: Yeah its a posibility i will go with him again but I been thinking i cld do it myself and I will try it cause I want to fight how i fight best freestyled

WokółRingu: Do you have any particular boxer mean, which would you like to face?

Francisco Palacios: Anyone in the division I choose to fight big small skinny fat no matter who

WokółRingu: Would you like to say something to your Polish fans?

Francisco Palacios: I love ya all God bless you all and Wizard Time is back




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