We invite you to read the conversation, which gave us Eric Molina (25-3, 19KO) .Eric talks among other things about the failed fight with IBF champion of the world in severe Joshua, returns to the fray with Tomek Adamek and reiterates its willingness to fight in Poland

WokółRingu: When can we expect you back in the ring? Promoters plan to you shortly fought another professional fight?
Eric Molina: I hope to be back soon. I am 100 percent healthy now and am training everyday. I am ready to travel anywhere in the world to make an exciting meaningful fight.


WokółRingu:  The last time you visited, Alabama, his former rival Deontay Wilder. WBC champion helped in the preparations for the fight against your former rival Chris Arreola. How did your sparring? In what form is currently Wilder?

Eric Molina: Sparring with wilder was great. All the champions are tall and its always an honor to share a ring with a world champ. Wilder is definitely the hardest puncher in all boxing

WokółRingu: Did you have a chance to Wilder talk about your fight, which is fought on June 13 of last year?

Eric Molina: yes we talked about it a little. Wilder has publicly warned the division not to take me lightly. He knows that I am a fighter that has gotten better each fight. He is proud of the way inhale bounced my career around and he was please that I was blue to go to Alabama and help him with whatever I could

WokółRingu: Why was not implemented after your fight with Joshua for the world championship IBF heavyweight? Apparently you were very seriously considered as an opponent for Joshua in the first defense of the title belt.

Eric Molina: Wilder fought was offered to me by hearts himself. I had n injury to my right thumb I had been nursing since January sparring Szpilka in Houston.I need to be 100 percent to fight and defeat fighters in Joshua’s level

WokółRingu: How are you currently? Since when have you train after the victory over Adamek in Poland? All the injuries that you doskwierały are already behind?

Eric Molina: We are already training and preparing. We hope that we will be able to come back in October or November. My injuries are already healed and I am ready

WokółRingu: In Poland, this year there will be more galas PBN. As you say you are willing and all for to occur again in Poland .How understand agree to fight each?

Eric Molina: . Yes of course I understand that Pbn has another show in November. I’d love to go back. Such a special place Poland will always be to me. Szpilka would be good fight. I don’t mind fighting your best challenger. I have no problem with the next heavyweight trying to avenge Gorals defeat.

WokółRingu: How do you think will be done to fight for the world championship WBC hard between Wilder and Arreola? Most believe that Wilder is a big favorite in this fight, but the first round may be difficult for him, because Arreola attack you from the first round. How do you think Arreola could make a surprise in this struggle to pick up the belt Wilder?


Eric Molina: When I lost to Arreola I was inexperienced, with no confidence. I had nothing. Through the years I have found myself as well as resources to train including sparring. Arreola will get destroyed within 6 rounds. Giving arreola a punchers chance is still giving him to much.

WokółRingu: Is it true that there were some discussions about the fight Molina VS Stiverne, which was to be a WBC eliminator? Do you think that such a struggle is possible, that took place in the US? Would such a struggle?

Eric Molina: There wasn’t discussions about Stiverne fight just an idea in which Don King has always put his heavyweights together to fight. Given the rankings in the Wbc it is a strong possibility he may do so with both of us.

WokółRingu: 2012 years lost before the time of Arreola in the first round. As you say after this fight you crossed off many people, but you picked up after the defeat. You thought when to avenge Chris for those quick failure? Those fighting have started well, but have not completed work and ultimately you lose

Eric Molina:.Yeah I always look back at the Arreola fight. It’s obvious that now I am not the same fighter I use to be. I have become a very confident and determined fighter. Every fight I become better. I feel like the best Molina has yet to be shown to the world. Now I believe I would destroy Arreola. But that’s not saying much because many in this division can destroy him.

WokółRingu: After a win over Adamek something has changed in your life? You feel any more interest in your person? You may notice a greater interest and support from the Poles?

Eric Molina: Yes I definitely do notice my fans from all over the world. The biggest victory in the Adamek fight was not the ko but was the opportunity for world exposure. I am victorious because the world now knows my story of who I am. The fighter who bounces back as well as the teacher by day. I love my story and I’m glad that I am able to gain interest from Polish fans. Fighting in Poland might be the best experience of my life and it was definitely a blessing to visit and fight in such a beautiful place.

WokółRingu: Your supervisor so far is Don King.To true that soon you are going to part with the King and sign with Haymon? Is Don King with Haymon will be your promoters?


Eric Molina:  I have another year left with Don King and I can’t say anything bad about working with him. He has never made anything easy for me and because of that I have become a tougher fighter.

WokółRingu:  Eric what you think about this, to professional boxers fought in the Olympics? What’s your opinion on the subject?

Eric Molina: I don’t have n opinion on this matter. I never participated in amateur boxing so I can’t speak on this matter. I started boxing at 23 years old. Many would consider this a late start. Didn’t have any amateur experience.

WokółRingu: Would you like to maybe say something to your fans in Poland?

Eric Molina: To all my Polish fans…. In my opinion one of the most beautiful lands of all the world as well as some of the most humble people on earth. I will be back to your land. For me and this journey I’m on it isn’t about money or belts it’s about loving some great memories such as the ones I lived in Poland. These moments will forever be in my heart. I have just opened my own TDB boxing gym. I have placed the Poland flag in my gym next to the USA, Mexico, and Texas flag. Poland will forever be a part of me for it is where I painted my most precious piece of my art of bouncing back.



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