Ben Wrótniak for WokółRingu: NOT YET SAID LAST WORDS IN BOXING

We invite you to read the conversation, which gave us Ben Wrotniak (5-2, 1KO). Boxer talks among other things about his impending return to the ring, with promoters in boxing and about his plans.

WokółRingu: Why did you decide to return to the ring?

Ben Wrotniak: I still feel that I am a warrior and moreover I have not completed the case in boxing

WokółRingu: What do you know about his nearest rival? How do you get ready for this duel?

Ben Wrotniak: From what I’ve heard is a big and strong guy. It is true that he has very good records, but in any case it does not underestimate. He has to his credit the fight against really good boxers from Australia. I think it will be a good test for me.

WokółRingu: Say so frankly. Your break lasted quite a lot. If I had times when I thought that was the end of your career, that is not going to return to the ring?

Ben Wrotniak: I had some free time. I have visited many countries such as China, Honkong, Belgium, France, Poland, England, South Korea and Thailand. I had plenty of time to think. Now I feel that I did not say the last word in boxing and I believe I’m a better fighter now than before

WokółRingu: What would be what would satisfy you when it comes to boxing? You will be satisfied if the fighter …

Ben Wrotniak: I want to fight for good galas in big arenas. I believe that I am able to achieve this

WokółRingu: If you successfully returned to the ring and after a few victories in Australia received a proposal to fight in Poland is you accept it?

Ben Wrotniak: Maybe. It depends. Some Polish promoters are almost as criminals. They pay more money than the ring girls boxer. This is absurd. They should be condemned for it. Boxers in the ring risk and put their lives. While these people enjoy this because of it. Last year, the two boxers died in Australia. Players should be treated with respect. That’s the truth

WokółRingu: You think there’s more and more people like that in boxing?

Ben Wrotniak: None boxer does not want to talk about it because they do not want anyone upset. Boxers are afraid because these people are really the authorities in Polish boxing. Like I said ring girls often earn more from boxers and this is ridiculous

WokółRingu: 17 September in Poland Krzysztof Glowacki face in his next defense of the WBO world championship in the category cruiser with Oleksandr Usyk. Who do you think will win this fight and I can have it run?

Ben Wrotniak: I hope Glowacki knock out his opponent, but really it can be a very hard fight for Christopher. As I said, I hope that Glowacki win. I think Glowacki wins on points

WokółRingu: Before the fight with Letr said that this is your most important fight of his career. You mentioned that it depends on it your future. That defeat really thwarted those plans boxing?

Ben Wrotniak: Every fight is my most important. Sorry if I lost. Still he wants to be a better fighter. I believe I still have time to make it happen. He wants to exploit its full potential, so that I could later say that I gave it everything

WokółRingu: You already know who will be your coach and where you will be prepared to fight back?

Ben Wrotniak: I’ll train here in London. I’ll go on fighting for 10 days before. I have not decided yet who will be in my corner. Of course I know that this is very important. You have to have a good relationship with the coach. He is on your fight, so we are a joint team.

WokółRingu: What do you say to those people who say that Ben is cool and nice guy but boxing will not achieve great success, because it has large gaps in his boxing?

Ben Wrotniak: In a sense they are right and I agree with them. I know I have a lot to improve in my boxing and I’m going to do it. I’m not a „finished product”. I can still be better. I have flaws. Yes, of course I agree with that. While I do not agree with the fact that I achieve success in boxing.

WokółRingu: There is a chance that the aforementioned gala Glowacki VS Usyk Albert Sosnowski, you met during your stay in Poland will fight with Andrew Wawrzyk. Some say that Albert should no longer boxing, because they fear for his health. And what do you think? Albert should continue to fight?

Ben Wrotniak: Albert is a great man. It is not only a fighter but also a great man. His fight with Wawrzyk would be for some hard duel, but if Albert believes in victory I also believe in it. Certainly  I’ll be cheering him in this fight

WokółRingu: Are you sure you watch boxing and fight Polish fighters. Who do you think can be the world champion in the near future?

Ben Wrotniak: Yes repair do not know. I wish all Polish pięściarzom to odnosili numerous successes

WokółRingu: Currently living in London. Tell me, is life in England is difficult?

Ben Wrotniak: For me, London is a good place. I managed to find a job here pretty quickly. Life in London is for me to work, float and work again. But I am happy because I’ve got a good job. Furthermore, it is a good place due to the fact that I live here large Polish community. You can find here a variety of challenges, but for me it was not a problem because the English system and way of thinking jet similar to that found in Australia

WokółRingu: As if you had compared the situation in the Polish and Australian boxing is where it looks better?

Ben Wrotniak: Sorry boxing attracts a lot of bad people, but they exist in every country. Whether in Poland or Australia. It is included in this sport. People often do not understand, but really boxing is extremely poor sport. I know the promoters who do not pay the money pięściarzom. Players are risking and sacrificing their lives. Travel, bleeding, crying, dedication and some promoters just use it. These people are criminals and should be put in prison.

WokółRingu: Yesterday Dany Green fought his next fight. He won on points with Watts. You personally know Green. How do you think Dany could still achieve something in the category cruiser?

Ben Wrotniak He only want to fight one more fight. Anthony Mundine would be his opponent. Only this fight and nothing more. With this fight, both fighters would earn great money and przeszliby later retirement

WokółRingu: You had the opportunity to meet Green. Did you even interviewed him for the Polish media. What can you say about it? What is a man?

Ben Wrotniak: I think Dany is a great man. Everyone in Australia him love and respect

WokółRingu: How reacted your loved ones and family when I told them that you’re back in the ring?

Ben Wrotniak: I will argue. Family is everything to me. When it comes to this decision this time I did not ask next what to think, come always do. This time I made this decision for himself. I know they will support me in this on what is decided

WokółRingu: Finally. Would you like to say something to your fans in Poland?

Ben Wrotniak: Thank you for your support. I believe the best is yet ahead. May God bless you all. Thank you Dominik and the „WokółRingu” for the interview.



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